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Reynolds & Associates Financial Advisors provide you with a bespoke financial plan that helps you explore and understand potential risks to your finances and helps you take control of deciding what action you wish to take to alleviate these risks. We focus on Protection, Retirement and Investment/ Savings.


Life Insurance

The future is unpredictable. We never think it will happen to us. If the unthinkable did happen, how would your family and dependents cope financially?

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Mortgate Protection

Buying a home is a major financial commitment and it is important to have cover in place to protect your home, if the unexpected happens.

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Serious Illness Cover

Serious illness cover pays a tax-free lump sum in the event you are diagnosed with a specified serious illness.

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Income Protection

Could you afford your day to day costs if you were unable to work due to illness? Could you afford your rent, mortgage, bills or groceries?

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Pensions & Retirement Planning

A pension is a savings plan that helps you save for your future. It is now more important than ever, for you to think about where your income will come from when you retire.

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Investments & Savings

Some people think you must be very wealthy or an expert to invest your money and try to grow your savings – you would be surprised at how accessible investing is.

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income protection

What is Income Protection?

In simple terms, income protection is a way of making sure you and your family have a financial cushion if you need it. Like most people, you probably insure your home and your car against the unexpected. If you have a pet, you probably insure that too. But what about your income? When life is […]

Protect what you love with Life Insurance

We can’t know what the future holds for us, or our families, and nobody likes to imagine any frightening possibilities. That’s why it’s a good idea to have some safety nets in place. Protecting our family and the home they live in is what’s most important to us in life. Sometimes people think that if […]

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What is Specified Serious Illness Cover?

Specified serious illness cover pays a tax-free lump sum in the event you are diagnosed with one of the 50+ illnesses covered. The number one cause for claim is cancer, followed by heart conditions. If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, a cash lump sum could help pay for specialist treatment, cover bills or […]

Retirement Planning Advisor Gold Medal Award

The RPA Gold Medal is awarded to the student of the RPA course who achieved the highest overall marks across both modules subject to a minimum of 80%. Kristine Reynolds QFA RPA of Reynolds & Associates Financial Advisors in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal was delighted to be presented with this award by Enda Lynch from the […]

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