Mortgage Protection…Bank or Broker?

Mortgage protection provides a specified amount of cover, which decreases over the term of the policy. The cost of the cover remains unchanged throughout the policy term. You do not have to take the mortgage protection policy your lender offers you, you are free to shop around for a suitable policy.

What are the advantages of arranging your mortgage protection with me? 
1. The bank can only ever offer you mortgage protection from one provider. I can offer you mortgage protection from six. Going with the bank offers you no choice and you may end up paying more.

2. The bank can’t offer you dual life mortgage protection – only joint life (pay out on first death).

3. The bank may talk to you about bill protector or income protection – I can shop the market for the best and most suitable product for you.

4. You own the policy. Independent cover allows you the freedom to change mortgage provider without having to replace your existing cover, this can be a concern if your health deteriorates.

5. If you have a health issue, I can check which provider is most sympathetic, offering you the best price for your condition with minimum hassle.

If you would like a quote you for mortgage protection, email or fill in your details at the bottom of our ‘contact us’ page