About Us

Reynolds & Associates Financial Advisors has been in operation for over thirty years and is a family run business. Originally established by Paul Reynolds after he left New Ireland Assurance to set up his own brokerage in Letterkenny in the late 70’s.

Kristine Reynolds joined the family business in 2017. She  is a Qualified Financial Adviser (QFA) and Retirement Planning Adviser (RPA). Kristine comes from a highly technical background with an Honours Degree in Science from Trinity College Dublin and and a Masters in Business from Smurfit Business School. Having worked on one of Prudential Financial’s largest property portfolio investment funds for a number of years she then undertook a Professional Diploma in Financial Advice. Kristine has recently been awarded the L.I.A. Gold Medal and Brokers Ireland Educational Achievement Award for outstanding results in the Professional Diploma in Retirement Planning Advice exams.

Based in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal we provide ongoing financial advice to clients from Donegal, Galway, Dublin and beyond.

Our Approach

Broadly speaking, there are three life events that pose potential financial risks for people and they are:

1) Dying prematurely which places a potential financial burden on dependents.

2)Living longer than expected – with the possibility of insufficient income in retirement years.

3) Becoming ill or injured during your working life-causing financial stress due to the loss of income.

Reynolds & Associates explore these areas and provide you with bespoke financial plan that helps you understand these risks better and helps you take control of deciding what action you wish to take to alleviate these risks.

Our approach is simple and straightforward

1. Get to know you

We take the time to get to know you, your personal circumstances and your financial goals.

2. Planning

Together we discuss and prioritise your needs, put together a plan and talk you through your options.

3. Implementing

We research products that match your needs from the range of companies we deal with, providing a fair analysis of the relevant market. You may not need to implement a new policy and you may only require advice to help you achieve your aims.

4. Review

Life is not static, therefore your financial plan should not be static. Your circumstances will change, both personally and financially. We understand that your priorities change as time progresses and that your plan may need to be adapted over time.

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