Investments & Savings

Investments & Savings

Savings are low risk funds that are readily available when you need them. People like to have emergency funds or funds for a specific purpose that they can access within a short time frame. Most people put their savings into a regular savings or deposit account that will give you a predictable, low rate of interest.

Investments are for building wealth. Usually people invest money that they may not need for a number of years. There are investments aimed at steady, consistent growth, or investments that offer more potential for higher long-term gains. Risk and reward increase together and your investment could go up or down.

Some people think you must be very wealthy or an expert to invest your money and try to grow your savings – you would be surprised at how accessible investing is. There are an abundance of savings and investment options on the market and it can be confusing and difficult to find out which is the best fit for you.

We talk you through your options, assess your appetite for risk and help you reach your financial goals.

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